Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Love the Canyon

A day in October up Middle Canyon was just beautiful and to only took five minutes to get there. The kids were very impatient due to the fact they wanted to pick a pumpkin for Halloween. They were good kids of course and let mom do her tedious hobby as they knew they would be greatly rewarded. Even my little Noni baby was the best (being she is only 3 1/2 months old) though I did not make her sit in the dirty leaves....I do regret greatly because now she does not have a Fall picture with her brother and sister.


The Barron's said...

ha ha... just to give you a hard time... the date is stamped on the picture. :) ha ha 10/8/2008 :) I am laughing because that is something I would do. :) ha ha.
And I am imagining you laughing when you read this... and that makes me laugh more, I miss your laugh, we have got to get together!

The Barron's said...

such a cute picture!!!!!!!!

Robb and Cindy said...

Hey Marci, I found your blog, well, I'm not quite sure where! You're kids are so adorable! If it's OK with you, I'd love to add your blog to my blog list!??!

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