Saturday, November 8, 2008

The struggle of being a working mom...

So I stayed home from work again today, this being one of many days, but I can't fathom the thought of going to work yet another day! Is it pure laziness? or the fabulous idea of being at home with my children? Seriously, when I get to work I look at the time clock and turn into a robot...It is bad when you have to put yourself in a completely different mind frame. Corporate America has me yet another day for 12 hours. Financially it is the right thing to do (get my ... to work) but mentally and physically it is completely draining. My mom is my babysitter this weekend and is critiquing every word I say....TRUE I am not the only one out there who hates their 'job' but it is one thing that is completely in my control. YES I do have the control to change what I do in life (CRAZY...I KNOW) who'd a thought? Don't get me wrong...I am grateful to have the financial income that I do and be able to provide for my children with whatever comes our way, but I think I just need to vent. Sorry to anyone out there that I offend in anyway (MOM) and YES I know nowadays there are people struggling through this economy, but really...who doesn't want to be a millionaire stay at home mom? Hahahaha I wouldn't argue a bit!!

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