Friday, November 7, 2008

How well do you listen to your children?

I have a tendency to only pay attention to one thing at a time although I try very hard to be multi-talented. Leilani is now in the 1st grade and receiving more and more things to do in school and is encouraged to get involved in several contest. I, however am not used to all of these extra activities other than reading and math homework. Terrible Mother I know, but just last night Leilani came to me and said there was a drawing contest in the Library and she was going to enter it. I, of course encouraged her to do so but not knowing when it actually took place (practicing active listening? I don't think so). So this morning I asked her what those papers were that she was taking to school and she said they were for the contest she was going to enter. My heart just dropped once again for not paying that much attention to other things around me. What can I say....I just started blogging and it takes a lot of my time, but it should not take away from family time. Speaking of family time....Adrien is starving...I guess I should get him something to eat!


Robb and Cindy said...

You can definitely add our blog!

Tricia said...

he he he. School stuff is so hard to keep track of. Last year Jereth was in big deal. Now, this year I have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd grader to keep track of. It is insane. Scott has three times as much homework to do as all 3 combined. It is crazy.

The Barron's said...

There are just too many things to keep track of... it's crazy! She got it taken care of though. :)

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